I’ve found my thrill

I am so excited to be posting here. I’m so excited to have found a wordpress community of #bdsm bloggers. I’ve been reading along to some amazing posts and blogs and I’m looking forward to following.

This blog will chronicle my exploration into a lifestyle I’ve never been open to trying, but as I learn more and read more, I realize it’s always been inside me… but my willingness to toe to societal pressures has prevented me from exploring that which makes me happy. And full. And excited. And hot. And wet.

I commit to full honesty and disclosure. I’ll answer any questions. And share my thoughts, feelings, and what is happening in and to my body. I’m new, but naturally open and introspective and articulate so I hope this is a good platform for me to dive and explore.

Let’s start with an introduction of myself, then, shall we? Hmm..It’s hard not to drag in all the history which brought me here, so I’ll just give a quick thumbnail, and offer more details as we go.

I identify as a sub, and maybe an alpha sub (who’s post did I read on that?) because I really want to be controlled – it has to be by the right man, and it has to be authentic and genuine. I *really* want to be able to struggle and be suppressed. I want to feel the thrill of being physically dominated. I want a little mind fuckery. I want to be known inside and out, from my heart and soul to my head and toes. I want the sweet yield to the will of a man who has my interests in his heart.

Thanks for coming with me on my ride. I don’t know where this will go, but it feels like this is the right direction for me.

xo Dolci



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