…with a little magic

M is finally home! We have spent the last 3 days together – completely immersed and enjoying each other.

This is the first opportunity we’ve had where we can have this much time together, interrupted only by our jobs yesterday and today (which has been important for me to have the alone time: it’s been years and years since my life has been tied up in another’s and I find I need my space to regroup). Having just ‘regular’ time together feeds into my growing trust in him/us and that makes it easier when we’re playing together.

He hasn’t forgotten that I need two spankings for masturbating while he was away, but right now we’re still figuring out each other. He feels we need to work up to the punishment paddle. I agree. I can feel my low insides melting a little in anticipation.

I’ve read that when setting up a play session, we discuss boundaries, time lines, actions, and any items we’re using – however that’s not what happens between M and I. We start just a regular make out session and we drift into more physical play. We’ve had lots of conversations about my boundaries, and he listens when I ask him to ease up, and I am open to the things he’s suggesting. But I’m ready to set up a ‘real’ session.

Last night he opened his bag o’ tricks and introduced me to a riding crop and the magic wand.

oh. wow.

Tonight I’d really like to play with some ropes and the magic wand and the riding crop again. I’m a little nervous about it. But I can feel my heart starting to trip in my chest, and my face get hot, and I’m smiling all the way into my pussy that’s heating up.

In the interest of full disclosure: I didn’t get all drippy wet when he was using the riding crop, which surprised me because right now I am so excited about it. It wasn’t too rough, it wasn’t too gentle – I wonder if it’s just because it’s such a surprise? Something I’m justĀ not used to? I understand that we’re learning about each other and I’m learning about what I like… maybe this is part of the learning curve.

He has had way way more partners and sexual experiences than I have – I’d be surprised if I reach 10% of his number. Maybe as a partial result of my inexperience, I am much more comfortable using my own hand to bring me to orgasm. It’s almost like I can’t open up enough in front of someone else to let go. I hope the combination of his patience and focus… and using ropes and the magic wand will finally release me.

I will post tomorrow with what happens tonight.


xo Dolci


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