Licking the taste of me off his finger

M knows that I’m kind of an exhibitionist who hasn’t really had to show her mettle, due to lack of opportunity. He’s so good because he’s prepared to play in that exhibitionist arena with me!

We were out yesterday running odd jobs in my car because I had a lot of stuff to deliver around. I usually like him driving, but we’re both fine during the occasional times I drive. I was wearing a loose summer dress that is shorter than usual and a pair of comfy wedge heels that brought me just a few inches shorter than M. So rather than being able to tuck my head under his chin during a snuggle, I could tilt my head up and practically look him straight in his eyes. It’s a sexy mix for me – we’re visually the same height(ish), I’m strong walking beside him, and yet we both know that he can bring me under his thumb in a matter of moments (even if I struggle).

I love wearing heels and short dresses: it’s so easy for M to brush the tops of my thighs when we’re driving, and I love him looking at my legs when we’re walking around. It didn’t occur to me that other people might like looking at my strong muscled legs, I just like M remembering when they’re wrapped around him or when his fingers are dancing at the very top of my thighs.

M and I would stop at the car and share a deep kiss, and he’d look around and tell me who was watching and it was funny and kind of electric. At one point, we were in the parking lot and we were kissing. I was excited because we were there for everyone to see, and kind of nervous because I know a lot of people in my city – but M followed the hem of my dress until his fingers found the soft fabric of my pink polka dotted panties and pulled them to the side so he could stand in front of me and slide his fingers in and out of me, flick and rub my clit … *right there* standing in the parking lot. I was so ready for him to finger me in public, I just didn’t know how much I’d enjoy it. I could sense all the people around us, I like to think that there was a man in a car watching us, jerking off, and a woman who was slightly appalled and very turned on when she walked by and heard me panting into M’s mouth. M would wedge his knee between mine to make me open my legs a little more, and I could feel his cock against my leg, and with his hot kisses on my mouth, sucking my lips, teasing my tongue, and his finger stroking inside me and slipping around in my wetness, the sun shining on us, and people walking by… Mm! It was so good.

We got a little goofy after that, sort of rustling and tussling at the car’s door. I think I probably pushed M’s hand away from me, which went against what he wanted to do on my body, and plus I tend toward bratty anyway – I like to wind him up. And it became a thing. He wanted to pinch my nipples, I wanted to make it hard for him to reach either of my nipples. He wanted to stop my hands from pushing him away, so wanted to capture them behind me. I love wrestling around with him. I love how his eyes get darker and sort of stormy looking, and his breathing gets faster, and he gets almost calmer and stronger in his efforts to bring me to where he wants me to be. We become super focused on each other: I like watching to see what gets him hotter, and to see what might be making him mad, but also to check in and make sure we’re not getting seriously hurt. I love seeing the way we’re playing become reflected in his eyes – it’s so sexy seeing the different reactions.

Between the fingering and the pinching and wriggling and the attempts to restrain me at my car door, I was pretty hot. I sort of wished I wore no panties at all, but I love it when M pushes aside the material that covers my pussy and slips his fingers in me while I’m still wearing them. I like feeling the wetness after he covers me back up. I ended our car-side play because it was escalating and I didn’t want someone to yank M off me, thinking he was doing something I didn’t like (although that’s a fucking sexy thought too – someone *else* is doing that to me, and then M comes along and yanks him off me… and then maybe M keeps kissing and grabbing me…) but we got back at it pretty quickly in the relative privacy of the car.

Just as we were about to drive away, M reached over and roughly pushed aside my panties again and started fingering me while I was driving. My dress was bunched up at my hips and he was obviously reaching over into my lap and then he told me to drive. While his hand is inside my panties. While anyone could look over and guess – if not outright see – what he is doing to me. It took me a few moments to orient myself in space and time and to figure out where we needed to go – his fingers slip so easily in and out of me, and I liked the way the soft squishy part at the top of my thigh was moving, and the strength of my legs as I kept my hips lifted up so he could jam his hand better into me … it was slightly distracting. But I am a very good driver, and a very obedient sub, and he is a demanding Dom, so I drove.

It was so hot, driving around with M leaning over with his finger sliding in and around me. I wished there had been more trucks around us – the cabs are so high, I know they can see straight into my window, and I love the knowledge that the truck driver is going to be thinking about my pussy later when he’s getting ready to jerk off. After M slipped his hand away for the last time, I took his hand and licked and sucked his finger. I love the feeling of him in my mouth, the way it fills me up and my tongue is bursting with tastes and sensations. Yum.

It was such a good day.

It doesn’t seem as though M would ever think I’m too hard work – he is super reassuring. Part of our day was just hanging out and having a drink. I like talking with him and being beside him in the world as well as having him inside me. And this is where he let me know that we’re ok: that even though I’m new and I have to struggle through some things, he’s still here for me.

I love looking at him and watching the way his face responds and changes as we’re chatting. He is so adorable when he raises his one eyebrow as an expression of disbelief, or he frowns a little when he’s telling me something serious. His mouth has a huge range of smiles, the little half curl, the loud laugh, the smile he gets when he winks at me – mmm I’m melting thinking of them right now. I also melt when we’re so close to each other that all I can see is his eyes – they are so expressive. I love watching and learning what they show me.


xo Dolci


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