Some clothespin play on my own this week. I wanted to practice before M and I play.


I pegged a clothespin onto my breast beside my nipple and sent a snap of it to M. I was too scared to actually clip it to my nipple. They’re still so tender from his repeated pinching last weekend, and then the very brief time this weekend when I saw him. He says he does it so I can be reminded of him. I think he does it because it’s a quick and direct way to bring me to his bidding.

But oh my, I loved them attached to each of my pussy lips. I was scared of that too, I wasn’t sure if it would hurt too much. I like the wooden clicking sound they make when they bump together when I walk and the heightened sense of feeling: it’s like I’m more full inside when there is that little bit of pinch. And unclipping them? So good too, in a different way. That made me wet in a way the riding crop didn’t – and sending a short video to M when I lifted my dress to show him the clothespins clipped to me was super sexy too.

I kinda want to wear them out in the world. But I think that might hurt me if they’re pinched onto my flesh for too long? Maybe there’s a way to make them a little less tight, or maybe there’s something else I can use. Maybe just going out in a dress and no panties will suffice for now until I can talk it over with M.

So fun!

xo Dolci



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