The stress of being Dominant

Dominants carry the relationship.

Okay. I’m not too sure how accurate that is – I *am* new here, after all.

But! It feels as though they take in information from their sub and then have to do stuff with those details that are satisfying to Him, but also responding to her. They have to create new ideas that are in line with what they’ve done, AND figure out boundary pushing. I think I’d feel a lot of stress in that position.

As sub to M, I find it easy to just do stuff – little things like make coffee, tell him how wonderful he is, or follow his demands, and think about him while I’m slipping my panties over my hips. It’s all so easy.

I *might* consider the idea that a Dom finds their position “easy” but I’d love to hear the opinions of Doms and subs and how true they find that statement.

xo Dolci


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