A little quiz to see…

Thank you Sir’s nijntje for posting details about this site: bdsmtest.org

Having self-awareness and understanding is important to me, so I checked it out. The questions opened my eyes as they helped me find clarity about what I *might* like, since i haven’t done very many of the acts, and allowed me to imagine other activities that I’d like M to try with me.

I’m super hot and easily creamy today, and this test certainly didn’t help to cool me off. I need my hand on me, or to have M close by and have his hands on me.

He does this amazing kiss sometimes where I can feel it zip from my mouth all the way through the inside of my body and it flashes and warms up my pussy and starts my clit throbbing. And then he just walks away. Or smacks my ass and sends me on my way. Yikes. It is so unfair.

The last time we were together, I was fairly antagonistic and bratty. Sometimes I wish I could just be super quickly submissive when i’m right in front of him, but something happens inside of me that makes me resist it. I enjoy him taking the power from me and forcing me. Haha – once I taste the licks of the paddle on my tender and untested ass, I may have less bratty inclinations!
I find I’m quick to submit when we’re geographically distant and he’s directing me from afar: those are the times that I don’t want to disappoint him, and when I yearn to feel close to him, and can’t figure out how to express it. Or is it because he’s not immediately there to take me in hand, and that’s what I like – I like the closeness when he’s grabbing me, in the consensual way we have.

This test was interesting to me – and of course, I’d be keen to know the percentages from M, and while I don’t have much experience in relationships (vanilla or bdsm) it really feels as though we’re a good fit together. He absolutely tolerates (dare I say enjoys?) my bratty-ness. And he’s the right amount of listening and forcing while we continue to get to know each other.
Some of my results from the test surprised me. I thought I was way more exhibitionist-y than I turned up (but I really feel that others shouldn’t see me naked or sexifying without their desire to do so… that’s a limit for me). And I’ve never really done rope play or any sort of bondage, so I could only imagine those activities. I’m so excited for the times when M and I finally reach that part of our relationship. I love and appreciate him taking the time to build and cultivate our trust and communication and introduce me slowly… but whew. I’m not very patient, it turns out.

Have you taken the test?

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
98% Brat
96% Submissive
95% Rope bunny
88% Girl/Boy
86% Degradee
79% Ageplayer
76% Voyeur
75% Masochist
55% Slave
53% Primal (Prey)
43% Experimentalist
42% Degrader
40% Vanilla
39% Switch
35% Pet
32% Non-monogamist
30% Sadist
29% Exhibitionist
21% Daddy/Mommy
20% Dominant
15% Rigger
13% Master/Mistress
9% Brat tamer
8% Primal (Hunter)
7% Owner



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