Paddle, meet dolci…

If I were a man, I’d be walking around with a raging hard on for M. I am super aware of my swollen pussy and my throbbing clit – not just during times of play and when i am with M, but anytime – when I think of M, or see his name light up my phone, or I see something that reminds me of him. It’s as though he’s permanently nestled inside of me, thrilling me from inside my own body.

He introduced me to the paddle. Of course M hadn’t forgotten that I had been naughty and was going to receive my two spankings for the time I masturbated when I was supposed to wait for him. M also had to warm up his swing and the paddle prior to giving me what was owed.

I’m not sure if the paddle was made just for me – but it certainly did a sharp job of leaving it’s bite mark on my ass. I have a very definite reddish-pink rectangle covering both cheeks. Instantly hot and instantly pink, M loved feeling the heat that was created between us. I also have colourful bruises from his strong hand for the spankings between the paddles… or were they after? I had a hard time not responding to the spanks. Bent over, it was very easy to slip his finger in my wet pussy, and i know i moved backward with his hand to try and keep him finger-fucking me for as long as possible.

This was my first time being spanked by a implement. I, of course, was slightly bratty before we got started. I was sort of instigating him a little. I know I was feeling nervous, and excited and scared and I wasn’t sure where to put all that energy, so I directed it at him in the typical ways – not letting him touch my nipples, pulling away from his kisses, throwing challenging looks, and giving him ‘saucy’ eyes. Positioning his body against mine in such a way so I couldn’t help but walk in the direction he was going, he led me over to where he was going to administer the spanking. He showed me the paddle (eep! I should have kissed paddle in an attempt for it to bite me a little more gently) and told me to bend over.

M allowed paddle to meet my ass a few times before giving me the real spanking. Twice, and then once more to help me remember to listen better in the future. He considerately rubbed my ass softly, to feel the heat and help my ass remember what it’s like to feel – I was surprised at the numbness. And yet, there wasn’t much numbness when he continued by spanking me with his hand. The hot sparks were only cooled when his finger dipped inside me.

After he had finished with my ass, he grabbed and pinched my nipples and told me that they are his. That they are his to touch and pinch whenever he wants.
I had no more bratty-ness left inside me. My eyes were no longer saucy.

And it turns out that hot wax actually feels like hot sparks, moreso than a spanking. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Let me tell you about the next part of the evening…

xo Dolci


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