Saucy does not go unnoticed

After being so saucy to M, he had promised that I wouldn’t soon forget that it doesn’t serve me.

Well – I haven’t yet told him, but I disagree… my motivation was for connection and anchoring. And – saucy was successful in meeting those goals. My need to be in his field of vision outweighed the eventual spanking he’d give me. I short-sighted-ly decided that I’d deal with whatever he doled out later.

It’s still tender when I sit down, and it’s been days.

I was doubtful he would discipline me. Or maybe I thought it would just roll forward for a little while until he sort of forgot. I was wrong on both counts – he has a very vivid memory (not to be underestimated, even if it appears he’s not paying attention).

He allowed a little connection between us – some kissing and touching – and then launched into a brief and thorough session that began with him bringing in some pervertables.

He tightly wound my upper body in plastic wrap, with only my head free (which he promptly wrapped in a tee-shirt so I couldn’t see what he was going to do next) and my lower body exposed. Bending me over, he began spanking my ass with something (a belt? a paddle?) and his hand. Every once in a while he’d slip his finger inside me to check for wetness, and smear my cream across my tender ass. He yanked me up and ripped the wrap so my nipples were free for him to pinch and bite.

I was surprised that he could lift and push me onto the bed to do many more punishing things including clipping items to my pussy and nipples – I’m not sure exactly what items because I couldn’t see. Some things hurt more than others. I really remember him lifting my legs straight in the air and spanking my ass with a bamboo stick – it was thinner and sharper than anything else he’s ever used. He thoroughly fucked me and demanded that I be still and not come until he told me.

M released me from the plastic wrap using a razor sharp knife – exciting and scary when he got close to my soft belly – and the air was so cool on my damp and wet skin.

It turns out I found the punishment just as satisfying as being saucy. I had his full attention, and I feel anchored and connected to him in a way I’ve never felt before with anyone else. The trust is deeper – he is aware of my body and mind, and showing me insights into his; the respect is thorough – he wouldn’t push me into anything and we respect each others’ boundaries; the love is expansive – I am showing and exploring sides of myself that I was hesitant to explore because I feel safest with him. And we learn from each other – how we want to be in the world, with each other, with our kids, expanding our minds and selves.

There is honesty, openness, vulnerability, strength, and acceptance of our flaws. It’s as though D/s is the agar that allows other aspects of our relationship to flourish and grow quickly. Ours is beautiful and magical, and I couldn’t ever have anticipated it.

xo D


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