… i have a request…

After reading many examples of ‘maintenance sessions’ and spanking sessions, I realize that this is something I’d like to explore with M.

With his rhythmic hand, me over his knee, us intimately connected… Mm!! I’m looking forward to this!

It seems as though the intent might be different than during other times – sexy-play-time, me being bratty, or him punishing me for transgressions.

He was open to my request, and maybe didn’t notice I was shy to ask.

I took another bold move today and asked if he wanted to be part of my shopping for smalls. I was very excited when he said he wanted to see pictures. I chose some pieces I’d never typically try on and there was a bra that I feel so sexy in. I also bravely invited the clerk in with me, even though I was completely blushing when I was telling her that I wanted something sexy. We discussed the choices and she encouraged me to try on lots of different styles – turns out I really like black lacy bras and panties.


There were some cute and delicate collars there too, and I really wanted one. But that just feels so incorrect. I can’t get my own collar. I mean, I could – but it just doesn’t feel quite right, like it’s something he should choose for me. I feel I’ve let it be known to him that I’m interested in that… so now I get to practice patience. See if it’s something he’s interested in too. Woo. He teases me that I’m not patient, and I suppose that’s an area that I have to work on.

Like, right now. We won’t have an opportunity to play together until *next week* and I already feel very wanty and needy for him. Another request I made is for me to have my own small vibrating toy – he’s previously said no, but this time he said yes! I was so excited to go out and make my own choice – and I did – but it’s not the same. <sad face>
I like having his manliness with me. His sexiness. Maybe I’ll try again with this small toy and it will be better… I know I just crave him right now, so nothing feels satisfying.

xo D



7 thoughts on “… i have a request…

  1. Yes – I prefer it, too, when my alone-time is directed by Him. We sadly don’t have unlimited time together, so that adds an unfortunate layer of challenge… With him, I am more hungry for *activities* than I have ever been in my past. It’s a double edged sword lol

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  2. Great pic! Very sex-ay! Hopefully you will find a friend in your new toy- to get you through the ‘alone’ times… Do you have to ask for permission to play/cum. Does he control any/all of your orgasms??


    • Thank you! We have an agreement that I can play alone as long as I send him pics, and he hasn’t expressly told me I may not. And no, we both like it when I orgasm as often as possible lol!


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