She says yes (fiction part 2)

Mark and Jess chatted quietly among themselves, about the party from downstairs, and their day. Jess was feeling relaxed, comfortable, and electric for what might happen next. She knew the bedroom was upstairs in the loft, and was curious if she and Mark would manage to make their way upstairs for a more quiet space to get to know each other.
If she was honest with herself, she really wanted to know how yummy Mark’s mouth would taste, knowing it had been flavoured with whisky. Jess rubbed her thighs together and blushed. Mark -apparently very attuned to Jess- smiled and his warm eyes glowed brighter.

Quite unexpectedly, the blond came over to them both as if she knew them. A brief conversation about the evening preceded her request for Jess to lean over and gently pull down her yellow panties, the same ones Jess had seen as they walked up the stairs earlier.


Jess, startled and very hot in her own panties, asked the woman to repeat herself.

“I’m Margot, and I would love for you to get close to me and help me wiggle out of my panties.”

Committed to her own decision to try new things tonight, and bolstered by her attraction to Margot and the drinks she’d already enjoyed, Jess said yes. She’d like to help.

Jess gave her short glass to Mark to hold, and stepped close to Margot. So close that their eyes were holding each other and their lips nearly touched. Jess reached up and swept Margot’s long heavy hair off her shoulder and let her hand trail down Margot’s back until she reached the hem of her short, flouncy, skirt. Their breasts were kissing and rubbing which electrified Jess’s bra-less nipples and her pussy began to get wet. Jess lifted Margot’s skirt to better access her panties and hooked her fingers around the top of the yellow lace, grazing Margot’s hips with her knuckles. They both began to smile, it wasn’t a serious thing – they were enjoying this experience – aware that Mark was watching them, and his mate Rick from across the room. Letting her face dip into Margot’s chest, Jess nipped at her breasts as she bent down to slip the panties off Margot’s legs, and over her high heeled sandals. Standing up with the panties in her hand, Jess was unsure about what she should do next.

Margot said thanks to Jess with a warm kiss and handed her three small squares of paper. Confused, Jess looked up at Margot.

“Read the instructions on one of the slips of paper, and then carry out whatever it tells you to do. Then, give the other two away, like I just did to you. In order to get more slips of paper, go see Rick once you’ve finished your activity.” Margot winked and sauntered away, yellow lace in her hand, and occasionally showing her bare bum as her skirt bounced around.

Red faced and unbelieving, Jess turned to Mark. Did he know about this? Is this what he does on the weekend?

“Are you game to play, Jess? This is a whisky-slip party. I hope you want to stay…”

What choice did she have? She was excited, and thrilled to be trying this type of event. Jess nodded and opened her folded square of paper…

to be continued…


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