She says yes (fiction part 3)

With anticipation Jess looks at the letters forming words on her instruction slip, and slowly angles her head to look at Mark. Licking his lips, he raises his eyebrows and lifts the corner of his mouth in question and sets down their glasses to better prepare for whatever was coming.

“It says ‘find someone to give you a hickey on your chest.’ Hmm…” Jess raises one of her eyebrows in question to Mark and he smiles broadly.

“Fuck, yes. Can I? Please? Your breasts and nipples have driven me to distraction all night. I know you’re not wearing a bra,” Mark absentmindedly rubbed his thumb over his bottom lip, and held her eyes.

Jess nodded, feeling a mix of exultation and apprehension. She wants this. She wants his mouth on her. She wants to find out what will be on her next slip. She wants to know who else might approach her with their slip. Jess says yes and takes a step closer to Mark as he takes a step closer to her.

Mark grazes her bottom lip with his thumb and follows the curve of her throat to her collarbone. He gives a little tickle in the shallow hollow and Jess laughs and unwittingly pulls away. Mark reaches for her arm and brings her close again – she smells whisky on his breath and sees her reflection in his eyes. Mark pulls down the skinny straps off both her shoulders, effectively pinning her arms at her side while he eases her low cut dress down to the top of her breasts. She gasps a little at the sudden exposure in front of the others, and looks around nervously.

Jess sees a man kneeling in front of Margot, with only the back of his head peeking out from below her short skirt. With her hands being held behind her by another woman, she is obviously enjoying the experience. Jess distractedly wonders who’s slip of paper is being followed. Two people she recognizes from the party downstairs are kissing and rubbing each other under their clothes. Unsure if they’re following a slip of paper, Jess watches a man come up behind them and take his cock out of his pants right beside them. A woman sits at the bar stools with her hand tucked into her pants, no question about what her fingers are doing. Rick is sitting on the stairs to the loft, watching the whole room with a short stack of papers beside him.

Mark continues to pull down her dress and one nipple is quickly exposed, and her whole breast is ready for Mark. He pinches her nipple, lifting her heavy breast and Jess gasps in the pleasure of the sharp pain. He winks at her and then leans down. His beard crinkles again her soft skin and tickles a little bit. Jess attempts to reach up to touch him, and her dress straps prevent her. She balls her fists in the hem of her dress as Mark nibbles the underside of her breast. He cups her whole breast in his hand and draws her nipple into his mouth and rolls it around against his teeth. Nipping and sucking to the side of her nipple, he sucks hard and squeezes and pinches her breasts in each hand. Jess, thankful for the wall behind her, leans back and stands with her legs apart – willing Mark to pay attention to another part of her body: suck on her pussy, put his hand up her dress, anything! Mark slowly stands up and gently rubs the bruise he just created with his mouth.

Breathing a huge mixed sigh of pleasure and frustration, Jess turns her glassy eyes to Mark and thanks him, telling him she wished it was more. Mark shakes his head sadly, “When we play whisky-slip, we can only do that which is on the slip and nothing more. Otherwise there are penalties,” Mark turned to Rick, who was watching them intently. “You’d better give me the two slips and go see Rick.”

Jess nodded and absently began to adjust her dress back to a semblance of modesty, but Mark stopped her. “No, Jess – you have to go to Rick as you are.”

Walk across the room of people? With her arms pinned at her sides and her breasts fully exposed? Jess looked around and noticed almost everyone was back to chatting and drinking. Everyone is covered. She knew Margot wasn’t wearing any underwear, but she was the only person who was vulnerably exposed.

After handing the wrinkled and smudged slips to Mark, Jess heads over to Rick, sitting on the stairs and watching her approach. Her breasts jiggle a little as she moves, and soon everyone is watching her. Blushing, and wishing she could cover herself back up, Jess finally stands below Rick. Smirking, he stands up and towers over her. He strokes her hair and takes the few steps down to be level with her – he lets his hand drift over her shoulder and down to her nipple (traitorously tightening under his calloused fingers) and he admires Mark’s bruise.

Rick’s hand moves to the top of her dress and gives a little yank. Not too hard. In fact, gazing at his eyes, Jess barely notices when her entire dress drops to the ground. In surprise, she looks down at the black cloth pooled around her shoes and snaps her head back up in alarm.

Rick grins and sends her away – without any slips of paper.


…to be continued…


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