She says yes (fiction part 4)

Why didn’t I get any slips of paper? Why can’t I play again? Jess was unsure what had happened, and looked up at Rick, confused.

“You were supposed to only remove Margot’s panties. We all saw your with your mouth on her breast. This is your punishment. Your body is available to others now.”

Jess felt her face get hot at the same time as her insides rolled over and then got hot too. She was a mess of excitement, embarrassment and apprehension. She didn’t know where to look, nor what to do about her dress on the floor, nor where to go next. The next step was solved for her, thought, when a man she didn’t know came up to her and softy caressed her bum. The touch was curious, warm, and his hands were slightly rough. Her nipples stood out and her eyes widened when she looked up at him. He smiled and his other hand came up to her breast. Jess inhaled a shakey breath and her nostrils flared as she smelled his thick cologne.

Rick looked approvingly at the scene in front of him, and sat back down. “You’ll remember we follow the slips next time. Or maybe you won’t…”

Jess wasn’t sure if she was allowed to remove herself from this man’s hands, or if she was allowed to speak. She didn’t think it was fair because she didn’t know the rules when Margot came up to her that first time. She also didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want more punishment, and she didn’t really want to leave.

The man removed his hands and winked at her with promise when another woman approached him with a slip of her own. Jess took a few tentative steps towards the bar area – a drink in hand always makes her feel more secure – and tripped over the tangle of straps at her feet. A woman named Lydia came over to help her up, and groped her damp panties, pressing her clit expertly and rubbing quickly. Jess, excited and surprised, grabbed Lydia’s shoulders for balance. Mark came up behind Lydia and held Jess’s wrists to Lydia while another pair of hands came behind Jess and began to play with her nipples. Mark watched as Jess’s pupils dilated and her breathing became shallow and fast. He liked seeing Jess in this vulnerable position, and the red nails of Lydia rubbing over Jess’s panties, and another pair of hands twisting and squeezing her nipples and breasts.

Jess could barely think with all these people around her, their hands, faces, and smells so close she couldn’t make sense of anything and so let go to the feeling. She was surprised when she came, clutching Lydia’s shoulders with her eyes half closed, unsure whether her heeled shoes would support her. The hands behind her held her up as her body quaked. The room erupted in spontaneous applause and she came back to the present.

Wet, glowing, exhilarated and excited to see what else would happen tonight.

to be continued…


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